WalkWithMe - Media installation Forum Groningen

WalkWithMe - Media installation Forum Groningen

licc sealWalkWithMe is a media and signage installation designed to inform and inspire visitors of the newly opened Forum Groningen. Through multiple displays, the object brings news and information about the exhibitions, movies and events currently on show in the cultural ‘living room’ of the city.

But the object with 11 bright displays and 2 touch screens is more than an information carrier. Due to the organic form, the steel construction appears to be alive and enters into a dialogue with the visitor. Does it look at you? Is it passing through the building? Do you see a group of trees? Is it a sea monster from ancient stories?

The use of materials and the shape complement the other objects in the area, such as the bamboo staircase and the large round yellow counter. At the same time it is a response to the clean lines of the building.

A series of ingenious light boxes make up the heart of the installation. These boxes have a dichroic (or iridescent) surface, making the color and the appearance of the object different from every perspective and at every moment. This paradigm shift strenghtens the way in which Forum Groningen wants to connect with its visitiors: by exploration!

Custom made software gives the object a different temper by continuously changing its color and rhythm. And it even responds to the presence of the visitor.

Due to this interplay of material and technique the light objects are sometimes transparent, mirroring or luminous. Or all at once, making viewing the installation an interactive and surprising experience.

WalkWithMe has been chosen as part of the Official Selection of the London International Creative Competition (LICC), “singling it out as one of the best in the 2020 Edition”.




Project Description

If you like to read more about the ideas, concept, technical information and more of the project, feel free to download the project description.

English version   Dutch version



Draft of a video presentation I am in the process of making. Due to covid-19, shooting has been postponed.


A compilation of many sketches and models made during the process.


Arrival of the installation parts at the Forum building.


3D rendering of the installation.

De Studio

Studio Peter Musschenga werkt vanuit Het Paleis. Het adres van de studio is: Langestraat 180, 9712MH Groningen.

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